Video KYC

Onboard real customers and eliminate ID fraud through
cost effective video KYC anytime anywhere

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Video KYC

Video Recorded session for information verification with an High risk
customer account opening, Customer consent for cross selling. (Video Concent)
Sign Up
Customer gets on the live video call with a KYC expert after signing up on the platform
Liveness detection
The KYC expert interviews the Customer for liveness detection through facial recognition techniques
Document verification
Customer is asked to show their identity document in front of the camera in real-time
Facial verification
The Customer face is matched with the face on ID document for identification

Video KYC for Banks and Online Businesses

Contactless Verification

Fast customer verification without the need for physical presence


Forged and tampered ID documents are detected using AI/ML models

Real-time Data Extraction

Data is extracted from identity documents using OCR technology

Liveness Detection

Facial recognition techniques are applied to prevent facial spoof attacks

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