Facial Recognition Technology

A way of identifying or confirming an individual’s identity using their face. Facial recognition systems can be used to identify people in photos, videos, or in real-time.

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Sahal live capture is used to distinguish digital representations of a user’s face, between a live image, a 2D
printed or a video clip by checking the live person’s facial movements. It is widely used in various industries to
verify the identities of their customers.

How Does SAHAL live capture work?

Place your face inside the screen

Move your face closer to the screen

Verification done

What makes sahal live Capture different?

Higher efficiency

Requires just 2 simple movements
for live capture

Lower cost

Eliminate the cost of manpower
by AI technology

Customisable UI

Fits existing apps quickly and effectively due to flexible ui design

Better performance

Performs well on low end cameras

3D Facial biometric

Provide your customers with the most secure and fastest selfie-based onboarding method. Say goodbye
to physical keys, passwords
Our technology uses AI to map a user’s facial structure by tracking data-points from the user’s facial scan, creating a truly unique set of data-points for any given user. Sahal can also accommodate the effect of aging for up to 25 years.

Secure Face Login

With Sahal, user’s have to option to be granted access to their accounts without having to remember or use passwords or the hassle of two-factor authentication. The user’s facial map can be used as a login mechanism instead, which serves as a secondary check for the user’s identity as well.

Digital signature

Following the steps of live capture 3d facial biometrics, OCR, and Document verification, Sahal provides a digital signature that is also a facial scan which is compared to the initial facial scan so there is no room for inaccuracy. Digital Signature is mainly for the cutomer’s consent

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Facial recognition technology

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