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With Sahal’s document authentication solution, reduce customer abandonment rate and optimize conversions in a fraction of a few seconds.

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Sahal KYC Portal

Full KYC process facial KYC, Document OCR, Digital Signature, FATCA/Basic Registration form, AML/ CFT
One stop shop for all the compliance and user data security. (Advance onboarding & Monitoring


Our technology uses AI to map a user’s facial structure by tracking data-points from the user’s facial scan, creating a truly unique set of data-points for any given user. Sahal can also accommodate the effect of aging for up to 25 years.

3D Facial biometric

Provide your customers with the most
secure and fastest selfie-based
onboarding method. Say goodbye to physical
keys, passwords

Secure Face Login

With Sahal, user’s have to option to be granted access to their accounts without having to remember or use passwords or the hassle of two-factor authentication. The user’s facial map can be used as a login mechanism instead, which serves as a secondary check for the user’s identity as well.

Digital signature

Following the steps of live capture 3d facial biometrics, OCR, and Document verification, Sahal provides a digital signature that is also a facial scan which is compared to the initial facial scan so there is no room for inaccuracy. Digital Signature is mainly for the cutomer’s consent

Document Verification

Effective online verification is crucial for KYC/AML compliance. Using Sahal’s
verification technology for ID document authentication, you can
onboard legitimate customers securely in real-time.

Video KYC

Video Recorded session for information verification
with an High risk customer account opening, Customer consent
for cross selling. (Video Concent)

Certified and industry-approved

Our proprietary AI products are designed to solve a wide range of challenges for today’s enterprises, and keep up with high industry standards.