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About Sahal

Sahal Verifai, an AI based facial biometric and document verification system as well as Pakistan’s first ever regulated e-KYC solution that helps entities verify the identity of the user for digital onboarding and account login into digital accounts. Sahal was founded in 2020 and got inducted in the SECP Regulatory Sandbox Cohort Session 2. During the outburst of the global pandemic, the need of digitisation for organisations, especially financial inclusions was seen to have increased tremendously and that is what drove us to establish ‘Sahal Verifai’.
We are purely born out of customer need, the jobs these customers are trying to get done and more importantly the affordability. Sahal is not only a customer identity verification company, but we like to call it user experience enhancer company. There is a gap in the market for advanced customer verification and UX enhancing tools especially when the world has been forced to take a big leap (7 years) into the digital transformation due to Covid-19. 63% of banking customers abandon their application due to inefficient onboarding processes. This is too large a number. We are on a mission to bring this number to 0.
Our Unique End to End solution allows financial institutions to easily monitor customer onboarding from one place. At the same time it allows you to consolidate the customer onboarding data and create the value out of it by analysing it.

Certified and industry-approved

Our proprietary AI products are designed to solve a wide range of challenges for today’s enterprises, and keep up with high industry standards.