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Grow your market share without compliance worry.

A mother, a daughter (minor) and a son (minor) in rural area of Pakistan need an account.

Sahal eKYC platform allows you to access the market previously ignored or inaccessible growing your market share without worrying too much about compliance.

Systemized Compliance

Facial Biometric KYC

Video KYC

  • Expert-assisted customer onboarding
  • Real-time video KYC just like in-person
    customer verification

Digital Signature

Secure Face Login

Document Verification


Offering rates tailored for LMIC’s


99% accuracy in real-time verification

Monthly Verification

We help businesses make onboarding, verification and monitoring simple

“Khushaali Microfinance Bank became the first banking institution to partner with Sahal and initiate Digital Account Onboarding through Sahal’s Face Biometric based eKYC platform. The Scope of Work revolved initially around the use of Sahal Facial Biometric Simplified, one of Sahal’s many products and further incorporated Sahal’s end to end KYC Portal. Khushaali uses this product to onboard clients by taking a 3D scan and matching it to the photo and credentials of the client’s CNIC. Soon, Sahal intends on providing Khushaali with a product for the onboarding of underaged clients..”

Hammad Haider
Cheif of Operations at Khushhali Bank

“Sahal and CDC have joined hands to create the first ever Centralised Digital Onboarding platform for the Capital Market of Pakistan. Combining Sahal’s KYC technology, and CDC’s acumen in the capital market, Pakistan’s first Centralised eKYC portal is being developed which will serve as an end to end customer lifecycle management tool, incorporating within itself a wide range of parameters such as digital signature, risk profiling and AML/CFT checks.”

Abdul Wahab Majeed
Cheif Executive Officer at Sahal

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